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There are approximately 8.7 million species on Earth. Every species has its own unique characteristic as well as its role in the ecosystem. Each of these species call Earth its home and are as much a part of this world as humans. 


But in the last 100 years, humans have infested, bludgeoned and destroyed most ecosystems and has brought on a world-wide crisis. This crisis not only affects the 8.7 million species but humans as well. Let's talk about a few things that we have faced in our everyday lives to account for this crisis.

  • Have you experienced erratic rainfall patterns in the last couple of years?

  • Extreme heat during summers? Heat waves during winter? Temperatures soaring over 40 degree Celsius even in a coastal city like Mumbai.  (The need to have an Air Conditioner which you never needed in your childhood)

  • Increase in man-animal conflict causing harm to human and animal life as well as exposing us to viruses such as the COVID-19.

  • Year round health issues. That cough that never seems to go away!

  • Very poor air quality giving rise to breathing disorders.

  • Polluted water and scarcity of water.

  • Nature acts as a natural anti-depressant. Lack of nature around you decreases quality of life.

  • Food scarcity caused  by unpredictable weather which leads to more inorganic farming.

Apart from all of this, the distress this environmental degradation has caused other species is immense. Almost 150-200 species go extinct everyday and this rate is 1000 times the natural rate of extinction. 


The polar caps and the thousands of years old icebergs are melting. And they are melting fast. This is not only going to result in the rise in sea level but will also expose us to a variety of ancient viruses which we thought we had defeated. The effects of our actions will be seen in less than 10 years and these effects might be irreversible. 


There is absolutely no time to waste. Our actions must begin now. 

With this vision, Tree Stories was formed. Through this initiative, we aim at increasing our green cover, to educate masses on how they can protect existing ecosystems, to bring people closer to nature and all its wonders and to offer an alternate lifestyle to people who wish to be closer to the natural world.


tree stories founder image


Sharayu Jakhotiya

Sharayu completed her engineering and MBA and worked in the corporate sector for 5 years. Being an avid trekker, she had the chance to study biodiversity and ecosystems. After proactively working in various afforestation and conservation projects, she decided to take the next step to grow her work exponentially. She has been collecting seeds, planting trees and conserving biodiversity since then. 

tree stories founder image


Yogendra Godbole

Yogendra completed his engineering and MS and worked in the corporate sector for 11 years. Being a national level swimmer, he had the chance to experience the outdoors and appreciate the forces of nature. His love for the natural world grew every time he stared at a lively forest or the night sky. He has been studying and preserving India's indigenous species while actively educating others about it.

tree storie staff image

Deu Barap

On Field Tree Carer

Deu is our on ground tree care giver and inspector. He lives in the village of Walvanda and makes sure that all trees are watered. He takes care of their complete well-being.

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