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Ecological Assessment

What all do we offer in our Ecological Assessment?

  • Studying the present scenario of the site.

  • Analyzing water sources and retention, type of soil, type of ecosystem and the flora and fauna present at the site.

  • Documenting the history of the land and studying the nearest protected forest/national park/sanctuary to understand the ecological conditions in a healthy ecosystem.

  • Studying the impact of external factors such as deforestation and farming on site. Along with that understanding the micro climate in the area.

  • Identifying high resource and ecologically bio-diverse habitats on the site.

  • Understanding the ‘Use Case’ for the site

    • Developing a natural forest which preserves biodiversity (no commercial gain)

    • Planting of fruit trees or other commercially viable trees, coupled with farming for monetary gain

    • Combination of forested land and commercial trees/farms

  • Document a plan of action for the next 3 years. This will include the following:

    • Species of trees, plants and shrubs to be planted along with directions for their sustainable growth without the use of harmful chemicals

    • Guidance on water storage, water retention and increasing the groundwater level

    • Details about using natural fertilizers and how to make them on site

    • Tree plantation processes which are suited to the land

    • Directions to grow natural fencing

    • Guidance on farming – crops to be planted and selection of seeds

    • Permaculture techniques to get maximum output from the site.


Note: The Ecological Assessment report is a single document which is a one time activity. Prior to the report, our team will visit the site.

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