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Tree Plantations

Our journey began with the search for barren land near Mumbai. The objective is to create our own protected forest. Our search for land took us to many rural parts of Maharashtra and after an year of searching, we finally found what we were looking for. 


About 120 KMs from Mumbai, lies the village of Walvanda. Walvanda is known for its tribal art forms and houses as well as tasty local vegetable dishes. The land we found was just on the outskirts of this tribal village bordering the tributary of the river Deherje. The land was mostly barren except for a small piece of forested land in one corner. We used that patch of vegetation to discover the indigenous species growing in the area. We also took a lot of help from the Forest Department in Jawhar to identify species and to differentiate between local and foreign plants growing there. With their help and guidance we procured 500 trees from the local Forest Department nurseries and conducted our first plantation in June 2019. Eighty enthusiastic tree lovers and hard workers helped us accomplish this task in a single day. 

Our one man army, Deu looks after these trees and their well being. 


After our first successful tree plantation, we have planned three tree plantation drives in the monsoon of 2020. The aim is to plant 1500 trees. 


How can you contribute?


Be a volunteer and participate in the tree plantation. We will provide saplings.

(And of course, there will be snacks waiting for you)

Donate money

If you can't come for the plantation, please donate money so that we can buy more saplings, dig pits for them and take care of their well-being for the next 3 years till they are independent. 

How does the costing work?
(We are not looking for any profits and the costs mentioned below are actual costs incurred by us)


Cost of sapling - Rs. 25

Cost of digging a pit - Rs. 25

Maintenance for 3 years - Rs. 200

Total cost per tree - Rs. 250

To volunteer or donate please call us or email us.

Thank you!

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