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Forest Dweller

We have all heard stories from our grandparents about their adventures with wildlife and how they lived in harmony with nature. They never stop telling us how they picked raw mangoes from trees and ate berries sitting under a tree. Unfortunately, none of us living in cities ever get to experience this kind of life. We crave for our time with nature while we are moving further away from everything natural. We must work today to ensure that our children don't have to see birds only in books and know trees only through documentaries. 

What if every family had its own forest and a beautiful natural home? With a stream running close by, surrounded by mountains and clean air. It means waking up to the sound of birds chirping instead of honking vehicles and swooshing airplanes. Children get to roam around freely, probably chase a rabbit down a rabbit hole or climb those huge tree branches. 

So what does the Urban Forest Dweller program include?

Secure land

We secure land for you (Minimum 1 acre). You will have the option of purchasing this piece of land or to lease it for a period of 99 years.


90% of the area will be converted into a thriving forest with various indigenous species of trees.  We will be responsible for the plantations and we will take care of the trees and plants for 3 years post plantation after which they will be self sustaining.  (After the first three years, only general care will be needed like watering in the summer months till they are fully grown.)

Sustainable Home

We will construct  a sustainable and eco-friendly house for you. 

Sustainable - All building materials sourced from within a 2 KM radius from the site. Minimized or no use of cement and steel.

Stronger and long lasting structures which are breathing. 

Eco-friendly - Solar powered. Water harvesting. Biological waste treatment.

This house will be built in the remaining 10% of the plot area.

We will provide all the required resources to build this house, which mean architectural guidance and building guidance.  

Happy life

Your home and your forest will be a part of a much bigger planned forest, making it a haven for bio-diversity. This also means pure sources of water and healthy air.

This will be your own little paradise and your gift to the planet.

So let's come together and be a part of this revolution. 

Let's grow the biggest man-made forest in India.

Thank you.

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